How to Identify High Quality Raw Cotton

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What is the most crucial prerequisite of high-quality cotton clothing? Well, it consists of high-quality raw cotton. Therefore, textile manufacturers must use high-quality cotton fibers to weave the finest and most durable fabrics. But how do identify the premium quality raw cotton when buying from a cotton supplier?

To help you with your purchase, here we share the important characteristics, specifications, and certain tests to identify the superior raw cotton. But the very first thing to look for is the yarn length.

Significance of Yarn Length

Without a doubt, the quality of a fabric relies on the length of raw cotton staples. Generally, the length of cotton yarn varies from short to extra-long. The short-staple is 20mm; below, medium-long is 25.0 to 27.0mm; medium-staple 20.5 to 24.5mm; long-staple 27.5 to 32.0mm and extra-long staple 32.5mm and above.

When weaving, the length of the staple has a huge impact on the yarn and the spinning simultaneously. With longer staples, there are fewer fragile areas. So, the fibers can intertwine well with superior-length yarn. This way, the yarn is more solid and durable. Fewer fiber-ends go out of the yarn, resulting in a smoother and softer feel.

In short, a thick yarn made using short cotton staples is less resistant and more fragile compared to a thinner yarn made using long cotton staples. Plus, with a solid yarn, the weave is tighter, denser, and more durable. This will also provide a better hold to the clothing.

Benefits of Long Staples


When the cotton yarn staples are extra long, then the fabric is:

  • softer as the fibers become intertwined over a longer distance. It also results in fewer fiber-ends coming out of yarns, and hence the yarn becomes smoother.
  • highly durable due to the thin spinning of cotton that’s convenient to weave tighter later.
  • more resistant to washing, wrinkling, creasing, and distortions even when you pull it.
  • more breathable when the fabric is tighter and denser with fewer air pockets in a fabric.

A garment with a fabric with all these characteristics will be more pleasant and durable to wear.

Other Vital Specifications of High-Quality Raw Cotton


Besides the sole staple length, the cotton’s quality depends on its:

  • Thinness of fiber
  • Elasticity
  • Solidity
  • Whiteness
  • Purity

All these are physical measures to determine the quality of raw cotton. After the evaluation of all these specifications, the end result is much superior.

Evaluating the Quality of High-Quality Raw Cotton


Aside from the technical information that remains hidden, the only possibility for coping with it is to test with eyes and hands. So, you need to understand the difference between good and bad fibers at different levels.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind identifying high-quality raw cotton:

  • The premium quality cotton has a silky touch feel unless it’s weaved to a particular texture.
  • Longer yarns are present in high-quality raw cotton.
  • Zero-lint – the cloth made from the finest raw cotton is lint-free and smooth.

Durability, Breathability, Softness


Even 100-percent cotton fabrics have a distinct quality. Cotton is a highly popular and versatile material. Some of its quality characteristics are as follows:

Durability: Fabrics consisting of long cotton staples are of higher quality due to finer yarn spinning. It makes the resulting fabric stronger and highly durable.

Softness: Because of the longer fiber length, the material is soft. Plus, the longer fibers are evenly woven to form a fabric.

Breathability: One major reason why certain fabrics are less breathable compared to high-quality cotton is due to tiny air pockets between their threads. It gives them thermal insulation. But finely combed cotton is very tightly woven to avoid air pockets. So, cotton is a breathable material and prevents the unpleasant feeling of sweating.

Some Tests to Identify High-Quality Cotton


  • Haptics: The tactility test

You can find our high-quality cotton with its touch. The cotton fabrics made with 100-percent extra-long staples (ELS) or finely combed cotton are silky and smooth to feel. The cheaper versions are not as soft as the higher-quality cotton. So, do check the care label when looking for a 100-percent cotton T-shirt.

But how to figure it out when shopping online? You can look for reputed brands that are known to use high-quality cotton varieties, like ELS. It is often mentioned in their product description on the website. So, do check it carefully.

  • Finishing: The uniformity test

Since raw cotton is finely spun to form a yarn, it’s easier to check the individual threads. These threads must be even without any gaps. Check up close and see the regular pattern of smooth rows.

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