Cotton Comber Noil

100% Cotton Comber Noil

100% Cotton Comber Noil

Cotton comber noil is one of the best quality of cotton waste. Comber Noil is a product that is derived from cotton yarn spinning factories as it is produced when cotton is combed to remove short fibres in combing Machines. Due to its unique feature like being Trash Free and clean, it can be used in multiple ways like for manufacturing surgical and pharmaceutical cotton and also used in making different types of Yarn.

  • Material: 100 % Cotton
  • Trash: 0-0.5 %
  • Color: Milky White
  • Length: 18-21 mm
  • Type: Spinning Waste
  • Origin: India
  • Available in Standard Export Packing Bales 160 kg to 180 kg.
  • Making of OE Yarn with count 6’s - 24’s.
  • Used in making pharmaceutical and Surgical Cotton.
  • In making Cosmetics.
  • In making absorbent cotton.

Cotton Comber Noil for Currency

Cotton Comber Noil for Currency

As per the requirement from our abroad customers, we also provide contamination-free comber noil especially for Papermill Industries and for making currency and security paper.

As per the requirement for paper mills, we provide clean, free from impurities like other fibre, plastics, or other material. For that, we had to develop special machinery and UV lightroom to detect impurities and foreign material that gives a guarantee that comber will be 100% free from foreign matters and fluorescence. It is also packed in a Cotton cover specially made for it.

  • Contamination Controlled.
  • Fully Pressed Bales.
  • Bales wrapped with Iron or Plastic Strips.
  • Stuffing upto 25 MT in 1x 40 Ft FCL.
  • Specially used in paper Mill and making Currency Notes.
  • Medical cotton

Bleached Comber

Bleached Comber

We manufacture and supply bleached comber noil of superior quality for our buyers. As looking forward in the era of health and hygiene, bleached cotton had very much demand in the market as it is used in making cotton buds, cotton balls, and other cotton products.

Our bleached cotton combers are bleached by experienced producers in modern facilities to the highest quality standards. All waste is collected by a pneumatic waste collection system and converted into bales. As all preparatory machines used in the selected spinning mills meet the state of the art criteria, the quality of comber noil is very good.

High Quality Comber Noil Cotton

Comber Noil is a trash-free by-product of the yarn-spinning industry. It is widely used for pharmaceutical and medical industries like – cotton balls, cotton buds, and even cotton pads. Also, it is used for making security paper, making it popular in the paper industry as well. While there are several uses of comber noil in industries, the truth is it only works if you get comber noil in perfect condition. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

Buy Bleached Comber Noil In Bulk

Dharam Agri is a leading brand for exporting fine-quality comber noil cotton to clients in various countries across the globe. With years of experience in the field of exporting cotton waste to clients, we are well-known for our authentic quality. To ensure the consistency of quality, we are equipped with the right tools and technologies used by the highly-skilled professionals. No matter if you want our comber noil for hygiene products, security paper, or the textile industry, we cater to all by providing tailor-made solutions to our customers.

Over the years we have had a great collaboration with numerous clients and delivered them with quality products. We understand the needs of our clients and help them deliver cotton waste in bulk at a quick pace. No matter how short on time we are, our Indian cotton company is equipped with smart machinery and skilled labour that always helps us deliver authentic products to our clients. We never leave any stone unturned to meet the demands of our customers by providing them with the best cotton waste products. Let us know your requirements and we will provide you with fine quality cotton comber noil that will add value to your business.

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