Cotton Carding / Dropping

Cotton Carding / Dropping

Cotton Carding / Dropping

Cotton Carding is also derived from a carding machine from the lower side while making 20-50 count yarn while Cotton Dropping is derived from the Blow Room Process of yarn. It is a fiber-rich product and too low cost. Hence it is very much useful in making recycled cotton and yarn.

ProductCotton CardingCotton Dropping
Trash30% - 40%40% - 50%
Length23-26 mm23 - 26 mm
  • Cotton droppings or lower carding cotton is high in the trash.
  • High quality and reasonable.
  • Dropping cotton is delivered in pressed bales.
  • Quality assured and delivery on time.
Cotton Carding Process

Cotton dropping or lower carding is known to be high in the trash. This particular waste is a by-product derived from the carding and Lyncrine from spinning mills. Cotton carding is obtained usually during yarn manufacturing. The reason for its popularity is its low cost and less fiber content which makes it a perfect pick for spinning low-count yarn.

Dharam Agri Impex is one of the leading exporters of recycled cotton and cotton dropping to countries worldwide. We source cotton wastes from renowned mills and our process to refine the cotton waste goes through several stages to ensure our clients get contamination-free waste.

100% Refined Cotton Waste

Quality is something we never miss! All our cotton dropping is processed under strict quality controls, so all our clients get is quality products only. Our trained staff and top-notch machinery help in deriving quality cotton waste and help industries in using them for manufacturing different cotton products. From dealing in comber noil cotton to carding cotton, we can help in serving your requirements with the best resources.

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