Cotton Flat Strips

Cotton Flat Strips

Cotton Flat Strips

Cotton Flat strips are also derived from carding machines but from the upper side of the machine, it is derived from the count of 20’s to 50’s yarn. It is more clean and good than lickerine and has a good length.

ProductCotton Flat Strips ACotton Flat Strips BCotton Flat Strips C
Length24-25 mm23-24 mm23-24 mm
  • It is used in making cotton pads, cotton balls, and cotton buds.
  • Widely used as a cotton substitute.
Cotton Flat Strips

Cotton flat strips are a type of cotton waste that is derived from the yarn spinning carding machines. Many get confused between comber noil cotton and flat strip cotton waste, but there is a major difference between both. Flat strips of cotton contain a high level of trash and are considered to be best used in open-end spinning processes.

100% Authentic Cotton Flat Strip Supplier

Dharam Agri is an authentic cotton yarn waste supplier in India. Cotton waste is used for several purposes and we help our buyers make the most of it. We strive to process cotton waste that is contamination-free and is packed densely in pressed bales. We offer a fine range of flat strips of cotton that is widely used for multiple purposes. With the goodwill of serving clients with high-grade cotton supplies and holding several awards and certifications in being the top supplier in India.

We are very serious about quality assurance. For this, we always take cotton waste from hand-picked industries and refine them in our machinery for better future use. Our competitive prices will surely fit your budget and serve your industry the right way.

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