Cotton Pneumafil

Cotton Pneumafil

Cotton Pneumafil

Coton Pnuemafil is also the finest quality of cotton waste which is crested while producing cotton yarn. It is a group of similar fiber with thicknesses ranging from 23 – 29 mm. As it is produced while making spun yarn from raw cotton. It is more white than raw cotton and comber noil, so it is used in making fancy yarn and in medical or cosmetics products.


Cotton Pnuemafil is good quality and finest cotton waste that’s tufted during cotton yarn production. It is a group of cotton fibers with varying thicknesses that range from 23 – 29 mm. It is usually of small thickness because it’s often produced during the production of raw cotton.

This cotton thread waste is more white compared to raw cotton. Besides its pure and natural white colour, it is also free from any trash contamination. You can find pneumafil as a narrow and long bundle of fiber. After combing and carding, the pneumafil fibres lie roughly in smooth bundles. These are further drawn out using a machine or by hand. Its long lengths are great for spinning. So, this by-product of raw cotton is used in creating fancy yarn and in the creation of cosmetics and medical products.

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