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Cotton Roving

Cotton Roving

Cotton Roving is the by-product derived while making spun yarn from raw cotton and other fiber. Roving is a bundle of fiber that is long and narrow, it is derived after carding, the cotton gets in smooth bundles, then it is drawn out manually or by machines then it is twisted to form length which is used for spinning. Cotton Roving is one of the best quality of waste which is used majorly by the mill itself. It is also superior then raw cotton.


Cotton Roving is derived from high-quality raw cotton that is processed during the process of spun yarn. It is a narrow and long bundle of fibre that is laid roughly after the carding and combing process. These are usually drawn out by the machine or hand and are then twisted to form suitable spinning lengths. The cotton roving waste by-product is used in the spinning mills to make the polyester blended yarn and more items.

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