Raw Cotton

Raw Cotton

Raw Cotton

We at Dharam Agri Impex source, supply, and export all the types of Indian Raw Cotton as per specification and variety which are required by cotton industries all over the world. As India is having a favorable atmosphere for Cotton so here we can supply a variety of cotton starting from too low staple length (20 mm ) to the Highest staple length (up 32 mm). In India states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhara Pradesh, Punjab, and Maharashtra are prominent suppliers of cotton with their unique parameters and quality. Hence with our experience of more than 12 years in cotton, we developed advanced machinery and Hydraulic Pressing machines to assure the best packing.

Please find cotton Chat below :
Shankar 627mm - 30 mm27 - 29 GPT3.3 - 4.02% - 3.5%
Mech26-29 mm26-29 GPT3.4 - 4.53-4%
MCU – 530-33 mm30 - 32 GPT3.7- 4.43%
Bunny28-30 mm28-29 GPT3.6-4.52.5-3%
J 3426 - 27 mm26 - 27 GPT3.2-4.13.5- 4.5%
V 79722 - 24 mm22-23 GPT4.9-5.412-14%
Raw Cotton Yarn

Indian raw cotton is widely used in the garment industry to make yarns and threads. The finest quality raw cotton is known for its softness, shrink resistance, and durability. It is also available in various forms, like raw unprocessed cotton,  Shanker-6 raw cotton, MCU-5 raw cotton, and more.

In India, various states like Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra are the largest suppliers of cotton. These states are known to offer the highest quality cotton.

Authentic Indian Raw Cotton

At Dharam Agri, we are one of the best open-end yarn manufacturer in India. We supply and export all forms of raw cotton depending on the variety and specifications needed by various cotton industries worldwide. Since India has favourable weather for cotton, the country produces a large number of raw cotton varieties and hybrids.

We are the manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of various types of Indian Raw Cotton. We offer all species of cotton – from short-staple 20mm; below, medium-long (25.0 to 27.0mm); medium-staple (20.5 to 24.5mm); long-staple (27.5 to 32.0mm) and extra-long staple (32.5mm and above).

With several years of experience in the industry, we have started working with advanced hydraulic pressing machines and advanced machinery to curate the best packing for our finest cotton yarns. Furthermore, our experts help the clients with their technical guidance and support at every step of the purchase. That’s how we have built a strong customer base across the globe.

No matter what type of product and customization you desire, our experts are here to cater to your requirements.  Contact us today to share your needs and get authentic raw cotton delivered to your workspace.

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